Reflections on 2020

This year has been a year of pain and loss. I lost a loved one to COVID-19. I experienced heartbreak. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

Boy looking through hole in wall: light shining through


Look left Now look right What do you see? A person You might have Your own idea Of what they are like

Girl running in the sand in beautiful sunlight

Fairy Tale World

Her fairy tale world The earth underneath Pulsing, Alive with every beat of her heart The trees swayed With each breath

Sun shining brightly on a landscape of snow.


The Sun shines strangely, Beams too bright and too fleeting, Chasing out the cold Wind swirls listlessly, Inspired to blow, then stops,

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Rabbit Habits

We all have habits that are big and bad. Some may say that habits are good. And some may say they’re utterly all bad.