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#TeamTrees screenshot from website showing over 20,000,000 trees.

Team Trees

For several months now, the #TeamTrees fundraiser has been happening on YouTube. If you haven’t heard of it already, YouTubers Mr.

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The Weekly Digest: November 20th

Around the World Bolivia’s president, Evo Morales, resigned from his position. At the same time, the Vice-President, leaders of both legislative bodies, and others left office, leaving the country effectively leaderless for many days.

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The Weekly Digest: November 11th

Around the World Armistice Day is celebrated today, November 11th, around the world. It marks the 101st anniversary of the day the First World War ended with the signing of the armistice between the Allies and Germany.

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Headlines, News, and Little Thoughts

You can subscribe to the email newsletter. Around the Hive The Dean continues her efforts to enforce BTW’s uniform and safety policies.

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Global Climate Strike!

Our Climate Strike by Monica Martinez On Friday September 20th, The Guthrie Green in Downtown Tulsa hosted the Global Climate Strike for Tulsa.

Image of: Kigali, Rwanda

Rwanda 25 Years On: Do students know any more about genocide?

Twenty-five years ago, one plane was shot from the sky, the blue openness tinged by the red flame of the explosion.

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The Weekly Digest - April 9th, 2019

You can subscribe to the email newsletter. Booker T. Washington Free Speech I will be linking this document because it is so important.

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The Weekly Digest - April 2nd, 2019

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to put one of these out. This one is full of content from the last few days, and I encourage you to read everything I’ve linked to.