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The Weekly Digest - April 2nd, 2019

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to put one of these out. This one is full of content from the last few days, and I encourage you to read everything I’ve linked to.

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Battle Scars

These walls Feel like a prison This box I hide myself in It’s collapsing And I can’t find the door to get out

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This year I vow, I say to myself. This year I vow to throw away the mask I wear for everyday deception.

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January Hornet Highlight

Quentin Williams is a freshman here at the Hornet Hive. If his name rings a bell, you probably know him as the amazing Freshman Board Vice President.

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Let's Move On

To change is to be one with yourself. To know your choices in life if they have been good or bad.

New Semester: New Start

Winter is in the air; Oh how those poor grades do fare. Finals did harm once beautiful scores, And no longer are all of the GPA’s fours.


Same old essay situation—twelve-hundred words, full citation; So this time I may find elation, if I avoid procrastination.  Yes, this time my sole fixation lies within the whole creation

Through the eyes of anxiety

Through the eyes of anxiety… I come in the dark, when you least expect me and never asked for me. I come in the hushed whispers, telling you you’re never going to be good enough.