Full moon on blue night background

Hacker Matti

There was a blue moon and a girl with her laptop on stage. I was sitting alone in the crowd, watching her in fondness as if the moon shone a spotlight solely on her.

Single shark swimming in water above camera

Lone Shark

I sometimes wonder in this big ocean world we live in, where I’m heading? Where my journey is taking me? Am I heading the right way or the wrong way?

Cold Thoughts

There was a time when I was lying in my bed, half an hour to midnight. The clock was ticking softly but loudly.

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Rabbit Habits

We all have habits that are big and bad. Some may say that habits are good. And some may say they’re utterly all bad.

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The sun is hot like an overheating car engine. The steam and heat of a boiling teapot waiting to explode.

Image of: Sunset on the horizon

Let's Move On

To change is to be one with yourself. To know your choices in life if they have been good or bad.