Fairy Tale World

by Megan Weber

Feb 24, 2020 – 2 min read

Girl running in the sand in beautiful sunlight

Her fairy tale world
The earth underneath
Alive with every
beat of her heart
The trees swayed
With each breath
That she took
The lights glowed
Brighter with every
Blink that she made
The night and day
According to her
Her guidelines
Her rules
Her word
Her safe haven
Where everyone
Knew her name
And smiled at her
Where everyone
She wasn’t alone
Not really
Because she had her
Fantasy world
She would never
Have to go solo
Her laughter would
Create hope
She would be able
To be herself
But her fairy tale
Doesn’t exist
And voices tell
Her to drop dead
To forget anyone
Who loved her
The lights blinked out
The trees stopped
Slowly swaying
Her laughter no
Longer echoed
She sway faded away
No one noticed
No one except her
Fairy Tale
She fakes a smile
She has fake friends
And her laugh
Has become fake
It no longer brings hope
The lights are all faded
And the wind has stopped
The pulse of the ground
Has come to a halt
Her world poisoned
And dead
And no on could
Care any less
That she’s
destroyed herself
And the life
Of her fairy tale
Family has ended
As well
Which makes the
People that hurt her
Mass Murderers
And they couldn’t care